Software Engineering

Software Engineering

An Overview

Topics to be covered in this course include Software Engineering, Software Processes, Project Management, Software Requirements, Prototyping, Specifications, OOD, Verification and Validation, Testing, Management of People, Cost Estimation, Legacy Systems, Reengineering, Formal Specifications, User Interfaces, Distributed Systems, and Requirements Management.

During this course, students will be involved in a real problem-solving/software development situation.  Students will be required to gather functional requirements, identify the problem, form a solution, and present this solution to a prospective customer.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the procedure of converting a valid software design into efficient code
  • State the central themes involved in The Software Crisis
  • Apply the concepts of Software Process and Model
  • State the requirements for efficient Project Management
  • Execute the needed steps in Software Design: Requirements, Specification, Architectural Design, and OOD
  • State the steps involved in Program Verification and Validation
  • Execute a thorough Software Test
  • Apply the procedures for Software Quality Assurance and Cost Estimation
  • State the steps involved in Software Process Improvement
  • Identify issues involved with Legacy Systems, Re-engineering, and Configuration Management

The course is designed for;

  • Individuals looking to start a career in software engineering
  • Students on vacation/holiday
  • Students from other courses outside the computing and information technology industry
  • Corporate Secretaries looking to upgrade their skill sets

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Enrolled: 10 students
Duration: 8 Weeks
Level: Beginner


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